Luna Nueva - Decaf

Luna Nueva - Decaf

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Flavor Profile: Baker's Chocolate, Vanilla, Smoked Pecan.

Origin: Colombia.

Want to drink incredible coffee after dinner and still get a good night's rest? Our Luna Nueva single origin is exactly what you are looking!

Finally a decaf option that doesn't compromise in flavor! This coffee packs all the quality Colombian lands are known for, while 97% caffeine free.


Flavor Profile

Baker's Chocolate, Vanilla and Smoked Mahogany


Strong chocolate scent combined with vanilla bean notes.


Subtle lime-like acidity

Body & Finish

Light body with a clean finish.


Roast Level



Washed Process.

Patio / Mechanical drying.


4,000 - 4,500 ft.




Fermented Sugarcane Process

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Fermented Sugarcane Process begins with fermenting sugarcane molasses to produce ethyl acetate. The name might sound very “chemical” but ethyl acetate is an organic compound commonly found in wine, fruits, cereals, etc. Granted, some companies use a synthetic version, but the one used on our beans is naturally derived.  

Here are the steps of the process:

1. Coffee is steamed for 30 minutes in order to open the beans’ pores.

2. They are then soaked in a solution of water and ethyl acetate which dissolves the caffeine.

3. Once the beans are saturated, the tank is drained of the liquid which has now extracted some of the caffeine. New solution is introduced.

4. This cycle continues for about 8 hours until at least 97% of the caffeine has been removed.

5. The beans are steamed one last time to remove any remaining traces of ethyl acetate.

6. Finally, they are dried back to their original 10-12% moisture content.

Ethyl Acetate evaporates at 70°C. Therefore, since coffee is roasted at much higher temperatures there will be no trace left in your freshly roasted beans. Moreover, ethyl acetate specifically targets the caffeine molecule. Thus, the coffee’s flavor components will not be extracted. Furthermore, because the ethyl acetate originates from sugar cane, it will add some sweetness to the beans, making your brew even more pleasant.

We look forward to your enjoyment of our decaf selection and are thrilled to shine a light on the amazing work that goes into producing it.