About Us

Our Mission

We want you to experience the wonders Guatemala has to offer, one cup at a time. Each coffee bean has a tale to tell of its incredible journey through tropical Guatemalan lands and cultivated by dedicated farmers.

With every cup we serve, we hope to recognize all the unnamed heroes involved, where they come from and how they contributed to the advancement of the industry and the cultures that depend on it.

As you savor your freshly brewed coffee, discover the story of how it arrived at your door and the countless flavors of The Land of Eternal Spring.

Our Beginnings

"Guatemala's coffee is a cultural cornerstone, deeply embedded in our history and economy since the 1850s. It's a symbol of our heritage and holds global recognition.

Growing up there, I didn't truly appreciate our coffee heritage until I left. Abroad, I found people well-versed in our coffee, researching its origins and relishing its flavors. Witnessing its popularity and realizing my own lack of knowledge, I embarked on a journey back home.

Quitting my job, I immersed myself in coffee education. Scaling mountains for the finest micro-lots, learning coastal techniques, and relishing cupping sessions, I fell in love. This led to the creation of Ixkanul Coffee, driven by the desire to share this passion, elevate awareness about the industry's labor, and showcase Guatemala's beauty.

Ixkanul Coffee aims to infuse the love for Guatemala through specialty coffee. We hope our brews inspire you to explore our land one day. Until then, close your eyes, savor a cup of Guatemalan coffee, and transport yourself here."

- André

Meaning of "Ixkanul"

"Ixkanul, which means 'Volcano' in Quiché, one of 22 Mayan languages, symbolizes our essence.

Guatemala's western mountains and valleys are dominated by volcanoes, gracing historical cities. Tourists flock to their trails and breathtaking vistas.

With 37 identified volcanoes, three active ones stand out: Fuego, Santiaguito, and Pacaya. The iconic dormant Agua volcano adds to the allure.

Volcanic eruptions offer coffee trees vital nutrients. Ash blankets the soil, enriching it and enhancing fertility, a boon for farming."

Phonetically: Eesh - ka - nOOL

Why Guatemalan Coffee?

Guatemala is one of the few coffee producing lands where you can find a flavor profile for every taste. The Land of Eternal Spring boasts over three hundred micro climates in in a country the size of Tennessee. 

Winds from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, constant volcanic eruptions, massive crater lakes, imposing mountain ranges, vast flat plains and consistent rainfall combine to create the perfect conditions to grow some of the best beans on the planet. 

The high-altitude coffee in Guatemala develops a pleasant aroma, full body, delightful acidity and gentle sweetness, resulting in a flavorful, balanced cup. However, each region will highlight one or more of these complex attributes, allowing you to find the flavor you’re looking for.